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Busby Marou

Ballina Prawn Festival is thrilled to announce our headline act for the 2017 festival, Queensland's own Busby Marou!

The mandolins, ukulele and whistles of Busby Marou tell the stories of travels across the globe, and the pull of home. It’s like catching up with old friends you’ve been hanging out to hear from!

On stage, Busby Marou’s core element – the intertwining vocal interplay of the two long-time pals – is magic. These are stories of our land, from suburban love songs to memories of the Kimberley.

Unpretentious, best mates, and always ready to have fun, Busby Marou will leave you cheering for more!

Currently on tour promoting their latest album, Postcards from the Shell House, this award winning duo has supported the likes of Pete Murray, James Blunt, Paul Kelly, Dolly Parton and Elton John.

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Pre-purchase your tickets to Ballina Prawn Festival and you'll go in the draw to win a meet and greet with Music duo, Busby Marou, on the day!

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Lennox Head-based indie-rock quartet, WHARVES, are currently on the beach basking in the success they have had in 2017, but it will be a very short break.

Matt Collins (lead vocals guitar), Mike Watson (lead guitar), Scott Finch (bass and synth) and Fraser Perrott (Drums) formed just 2 years ago whilst studying music at Uni in Lismore and Byron Bay.

In May 2017 they dropped their single “Man You Want Me To Be”. Recorded and produced by Steven Schram (San Cisco, Tiny Little Houses) the single received critical acclaim and netted the band their first coveted “J Play” on Triple J radio.

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Made up of three brothers and two mates, no other Australian band sounds like ’em. An explosion of funk, flute, sax, synth and groove, the dance floor is packed at a VAUDEVILLE SMASH gig. In case you’re wondering, they took their name from an Italian children’s karaoke machine that was around in the late ’80s.

In 2016, VAUDEVILLE SMASH released their sophomore album The Gift. A synth heavy, sax laden, bass induced journey. A contemporary reworking of the early 80s funk/boogie scene, the album evokes visions of Cameo, Midnight Star and the Gap Band and encompasses almost two years of writing, recording and touring.

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The Longjohns are the twang of the banjo, the rumble of the sousaphone and the ring of the spittoon. The creak of the door, the crow of the rooster, the stomping of floorboards and the hammering of the chain gang.

A four piece possé, The Longjohns come together to play spooky country with that old timey swing to deliver songs of hope, loss and hauntings.

Featuring a line up of banjos, sousaphone, national guitar and the pots and pans, The Longjohns are Sian Evans, Steve Buchanan, Skritch and Paul Watson preparing a tincture of dark country and barnyard bangers.

Like the cure-all tonics of old, The Longjohns are good for what ails you.

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Award winning singer, Elly Hoyt, grew up in the forests of Tasmania. She left her home at eighteen to study music and has been travelling and performing around the world for the last ten years. 

After returning to Brisbane, Australia in 2016, Elly (vox/uke/gtr) joined forces with Beck Flatt (drums), Helen Svboda (vox/double bass) and Rebecca Karlen (vox/violin). Within minutes of playing together, they all knew that this was something special. Thus My Nightingale was born.

Bringing together diverse backgrounds from Australia, Finland, Sweden and America, expect soul-soothing tunes with luscious vocal harmonies, layers of beautiful strings, and groovy folk rhythms.

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