Top 10 things to do at the Festival


There's a lot to do at Ballina Prawn Festival, so we've come up with this handy Top Ten to give you a rundown on what's happening at the festival.


10.  Lose the kids  -  And by "lose" we mean "take them down to the kid's activities while you monitor them from a safe distance as they enjoy all the rides to exhaustion".  With train rides, displays & entertainment and inflatable fun, there will be more than enough to keep the kids occupied.

9.  Build a boat  - Have you ever wondered if you could make a fully functional raft that could sail on the water and not fall apart? Here's your chance!  In your team of up to 4, you can make something that you can be fairly certain won't sink at the first wave.

8.  Race a boat  - And here's your chance to show people how confident you are that your boat won't sink at that first wave.  Two members of your boat build team will get the chance to race your creation and win you all the glory, and if you're so confident it probably should be you racing.

7.  Test the prawns - Someone needs to, do your duty and make sure those delicious food stands products are as good as they look.  Hunt down each and every signature dish and test them for flavour, aroma, visual appeal and texture.  And after you've done that once, you'll need to test again to make sure that they've not changed the recipe in the last 10 min.


6.  Check out the boats - Ballina's finest fishing and prawning boats are going to be strutting their stuff up and down the Richmond river, turning the river into a catwalk for boats and showing off their Ballina style.  

5.  Skateboard comp - This is going to be incredible, and you could totally do those tricks if you wanted to, or if you were ten years younger, or if your knees weren't playing up. Better to let these young skaters show off what they've got and how talented the local skating scene is.

4.  Build with sand - Towering structures full of intricate details and fancy creations ripped straight out of the imagination, these are what your fellow competitors are building, so maybe do a little search on the internet for something cool to make.  For reference of course.


3.  Fireworks - Oh, these are spectacular, there's colours and lights, and things going bang, and things going pop and the crowd going woah! and oooh!  This is how you start the evening at a festival.

2.  Eat all the prawns - So you've tested the prawns?  This is the next level, the prawn eating competition, can you shell and eat all your prawns before anyone else?  Can you defeat the king and queen, the reigning champs? Get out there kid, we believe in you!! You can do it!

1.  Chill out to the music - So Ballina Prawn Festival has a lot, and its going to be nice to just make some "me" time and relax and listen to the music.  Bands like Busby Marou, Wharves, Vaudeville Smash, Longjohns and My Nightingale will take you to your happy place.......     Or you could dance!  Dance like no-one is watching!  (We'll all be watching)

Cristy Houghton